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Parser/  5949  11 years  dpvc  Fixed the name stored in the StrictFraction context (removed the trailling s).
WeBWorK/  5948  11 years  dpvc  The \s regular expression was matching newlines, and so newlines around BEGIN_TE...
Value/  5945  11 years  dpvc  Fixed a bug where if the student answer has an evaluation error in a problem wit...
Applet.pm  5944  11 years  gage  corrected formatting in POD documentation
Parser.pm  5938  11 years  dpvc  The copy() method now does not copy values listed by the noinherit() method (e.g...
Value.pm  5919  11 years  dpvc  Handle the no-inherit values better by deleting them from the copy before insert...
List.pm  5706  11 years  gage  Added a ->cmp method for checking the answers. It needs further improvement but...
AnswerHash.pm  5639  11 years  gage  define ans_label slot in a new AnswerHash to be undefined.
Fraction.pm  5595  12 years  gage  remove \ensuremath from around the output. I don't think it will work properly...
Units.pm  5591  12 years  glarose  Add mg as a mass unit. Hopefully the fact that this wasn't here before is an od...
VectorField.pm  5590  12 years  glarose  Make VectorField plotting honor setting of x_steps and y_steps.
AnswerIO.pm  4766  13 years  gage  Added new permissable log files. that can be written to.
AlgParser.pm  4363  13 years  sh002i  append "1;" to these files, to satisfy Apache2.
Matrix.pm  3373  14 years  gage  Made modifications that allow use of complex numbers in matrices. You can also ...
MatrixReal1.pm  3372  14 years  gage  Made modifications that allow the use of complex numbers in matrices
WWPlot.pm  3295  14 years  gage  Fixed documentation for $graph->size()
Polynomial.pm  2558  15 years  sh002i  merged changes from rel-2-1-a1 -- stop using that branch.
PowerPolynomial.pm  2558  15 years  sh002i  merged changes from rel-2-1-a1 -- stop using that branch.
ww_strict.pm  2345  15 years  apizer  Changed pacckage name from strict to ww_strict per Sam's suggestion to prevent r...
Fun.pm  2274  15 years  sh002i  got rid of remaining calls to "wwerror". Fixes bug #530.
PGrandom.pm  1454  16 years  jj  Redoing fix to random so that random(2,7,3) won't produce 8. The original fix w...
Complex.pm  1310  16 years  gage  Changed the defintion of *i to be inside the Complex package. this and the chang...
Select.pm  1079  16 years  apizer  removed unneccesary shebang lines
Match.pm  1079  16 years  apizer  removed unneccesary shebang lines
Regression.pm  1079  16 years  apizer  removed unneccesary shebang lines
Hermite.pm  1079  16 years  apizer  removed unneccesary shebang lines
Circle.pm  1079  16 years  apizer  removed unneccesary shebang lines
Multiple.pm  1079  16 years  apizer  removed unneccesary shebang lines
Label.pm  1050  16 years  sh002i  moved PG modules and macro files from webwork-modperl to pg -sam
Complex1.pm  1050  16 years  sh002i  moved PG modules and macro files from webwork-modperl to pg -sam
Distributions.pm  1050  16 years  sh002i  moved PG modules and macro files from webwork-modperl to pg -sam

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