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PG_CAPAmacros.pl  1080  16 years  apizer  remove unneccsary shebang lines Arnie
extraAnswerEvaluators.pl  2143  15 years  apizer  Use the new PGsort which uses a true/false compare (e.g. < or lt ) rather than a...
PGnumericalmacros.pl  1080  16 years  apizer  remove unneccsary shebang lines Arnie
PGpolynomialmacros.pl  1115  16 years  apizer  Fixed error concerning variable $string. Cleaned up how polynomials are displaye...
PG_module_list.pl  1080  16 years  apizer  remove unneccsary shebang lines Arnie
PGstatisticsmacros.pl  1710  16 years  apizer  fixed bug in call to Romberg routine. Romberg now requires parameters of the fo...
PGauxiliaryFunctions.pl  2576  15 years  dpvc  Make Parser work with PGauxiliaryFunctions.pl, and add the macro files needed to...
PGchoicemacros.pl  2396  15 years  dpvc  Moved the <BR> in std_print_q from the beginning of a line to the end of a line....
Value.pl  2590  15 years  dpvc  Added Real() command to create fuzzy reals.
PGmatrixmacros.pl  2267  15 years  dpvc  Added jsMath support to these files. Basically, HTML_jsMath should do whatever ...
PGcommonFunctions.pl  2602  15 years  dpvc  Changed the way the parser checks to see if it is loaded.
Parser.pl  2602  15 years  dpvc  Changed the way the parser checks to see if it is loaded.
dangerousMacros.pl  2608  15 years  dpvc  Added Infinity function (similar to i and pi) for creating infinity constants.
PG.pl  2400  15 years  dpvc  Fixed error in ANS_NUM_TO_NAME.
StdConst.pg  1064  16 years  gage  Adding recent macro files to the pg collection --Mike
PGdiffeqmacros.pl  1831  15 years  gage  Changed documentation spacing
StdUnits.pg  1064  16 years  gage  Adding recent macro files to the pg collection --Mike
PGmorematrixmacros.pl  1896  15 years  gage  Changed the naming of arrays from ArRaY[0,0,0] to ArRaY__0:0:0:__ This involved...
IO.pl  2518  15 years  gage  Will create the tempDirectory if it is missing. this is useful if, for example,...
LinearProgramming.pl  1453  16 years  jj  New file with linear programming simplex method related macros.
PGgraphmacros.pl  2215  15 years  jj  Allow default size of on the fly graphics to be set in global.conf, and make pop...
PGasu.pl  2155  15 years  jj  Moved nicestring to PGbasicmacros.
PGbasicmacros.pl  2443  15 years  jj  Allow new option for image. extra_html_tags are added to the img tag of the ima...
PGcomplexmacros.pl  1525  16 years  sh002i  removed unneeded #! lines
PGgraders.pl  1050  16 years  sh002i  moved PG modules and macro files from webwork-modperl to pg -sam
displayMacros.pl  2274  15 years  sh002i  got rid of remaining calls to "wwerror". Fixes bug #530.
PGanswermacros.pl  2277  15 years  sh002i  Reformatted the FUNCTION_CMP subroutine to make it more readable. Also, one func...

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