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Sun Aug 19 02:01:57 2007 UTC (12 years, 3 months ago) by dpvc
File size: 325 byte(s)
Normalized comments and headers to that they will format their POD
documentation properly.  (I know that the POD processing was supposed
to strip off the initial #, but that doesn't seem to happen, so I've
added a space throughout.)

    1 =head1 MathObjects.pl
    3 =pod
    5 This file loads Parser.pl which in turn loads Value.pl
    6 The purpose of this file is to encourage the use of the name MathObjects
    7 instead of Parser (which is not as intuitive for those who don't know
    8 the history).
   10 It may later be used for other purposes as well.
   12 =cut
   15 loadMacros("Parser.pl");

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