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Fri May 17 21:44:04 2002 UTC (17 years, 8 months ago) by gage
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Experimental xmlrpc WeBWorK webservices

    1 Read the system's "/proc/meminfo" special file and return the information in
    2 the form of a STRUCT with the following members:
    4         Key         Type     Value
    6         mem_total   INT      Total memory available, in bytes
    7         mem_used    INT      Total memory currently used, in bytes
    8         mem_free    INT      Memory remaining, in bytes
    9         mem_shared  INT      Memory being shared between processes, in bytes
   10         mem_buffers INT      Number of memory buffers
   11         mem_cached  INT      Cached memory
   12         MemTotal    STRING   Total memory, in kB
   13         MemFree     STRING   Free memory, in kB
   14         MemShared   STRING   Shared memort, in kB
   15         Buffers     STRING   Memory buffers, in kB
   16         Cached      STRING   Cached memory, in kB
   17         SwapTotal   STRING   Total swap memory, in kB
   18         SwapFree    STRING   Available swap memory, in kB

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