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Fri May 17 21:44:04 2002 UTC (17 years, 8 months ago) by gage
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Experimental xmlrpc WeBWorK webservices

    1 Return the name, signatures and help text for the registered methods on
    2 the server. With no parameters, returns an ARRAY of STRUCTs. With an ARRAY
    3 parameter, expects all elements to be of type STRING and specify method
    4 names, with the return value being an ARRAY of STRUCT for the named methods
    5 (in order). If the parameter is a single STRING type, the return value is
    6 a STRUCT for the named method.
    8 Each STRUCT will have the following members:
   10         name       A STRING containing the method name
   11         version    A STRING version stamp. Empty if none was specified.
   12         signature  An ARRAY containing the signatures, each an ARRAY of STRING
   13         help       A STRING containing the help text for the method
   15 Note that an ARRAY is returned for the signatures even when there is only one
   16 signature.

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