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Author: sh002i
Date: Wed Sep 24 23:42:07 2003 UTC (16 years, 4 months ago)
Log Message:
Removed leftover PGanswermacros.pl.original

Removed MAKELINKS.PL and MAKELINKS.pl, and replaced them with a script
called MAKELINKS, which can take the path to the PG directory on the
command line:

    MAKELINKS - create symlinks pointing to the contents of the pg/lib and
    pg/macros directories for use in the WeBWorK 1.x courseScripts

     ./MAKELINKS [pg_dir]

    MAKELINKS takes a single argument, the path to a pg directory,
    containing lib and macros directories. If no arguments are given, a
    default of ../../../pg is used.

    Given this inforamtion, it creates symlinks in the current directory
    pointing to each "*.pl" file in the macros directory and each "*.pm"
    file and directory in the lib directory.

Changed paths:

Path Details
Directorytrunk/webwork/system/courseScripts/MAKELINKS added
Directorytrunk/webwork/system/courseScripts/MAKELINKS.PL deleted
Directorytrunk/webwork/system/courseScripts/MAKELINKS.pl deleted
Directorytrunk/webwork/system/courseScripts/PGanswermacros.pl.original deleted

aubreyja at gmail dot com
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