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Author: dpvc
Date: Mon Jun 6 00:01:44 2005 UTC (14 years, 7 months ago)
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This file implements a Multi-Part parser object that allows you to tie
several input blanks to a single answer checker that can compare the
student's answers in several blanks in order to determine which are

For example:

      $mp = MultiPart("x^2",1,-1)->with(
        singleResult => 1,
        checker => sub {
          my ($correct,$student,$self) = @_;  # get the parameters
          my ($f,$x1,$x2) = @{$student};      # extract the student answers
          Value::Error("Function can't be the identity") if ($f == 'x');
          Value::Error("Function can't be constant") if ($f->isConstant);
          return $f->eval(x=>$x1) == $f->eval(x=>$x2);
        \(f(x)\) = \{$mp->ans_rule(20)\} produces the same value
        at \(x\) = \{$mp->ans_rule(10)\} as it does at \(x\) = \{$mp->ans_rule(10)\}.


This produces three answer blanks all tied to the same checker, which
is supplied by the user when the MultiPart is specified.  This one
checks if two inputs to a function provide the same output.

The answer blanks can each produce a separate row in the results area
at the top of the page, or they con be combined into a single row, as
in this case.  The checker routine can provide error messages for
individual parts via the setMessage() method, or for the problem as a
whole, as above.  Finally, the ans_array() method can be used to
produce answer blanks for individual entries for those objects that
support such arrays.

See the documentation at the top of the file for additional details.

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aubreyja at gmail dot com
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