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Author: dpvc
Date: Wed Mar 17 14:08:46 2010 UTC (9 years, 8 months ago)
Log Message:
Bring jsMath up to version 3.6d.  Changes include:

* This release includes an important speed improvement.  By
  typesetting several equations before allowing the screen to update,
  jsMath.Process() now processes pages several times faster than in
  the past.

* Fixed a wrapping problem in Safari, Chrome, and FireFox, where
  recent versions of these browsers could allow a math expression to
  extend beyond the right margin on one line while leaving empty space
  for it on the next line.

* Fixed the missing font message used when the noImageFonts plugin is
  used so that it informs you that the unicode fonts are used rather
  than image fonts.

* Fixed a problem where the jsMath button would not appear in the
  correct location when a DOCTYPE triggers "standards" mode in MSIE.

* Worked around a bug in MSIE8 when a DOCTYPE triggers "standards"
  mode that would cause some mathematics not to be properly aligned on
  the baseline.

* Fixed a problem were a customized extra font warning message would
  be overriden by jsMath/easy/load.js when the noImageFonts value was
  set to 1.  Also, the main font message is now adjusted in this case
  to indicate that unicode fonts will be used rather than image fonts.

* Put <script> tag into lower case in easy/load.js for XHTML

* Fixed a bug (introduced in version 3.6) with the smallFonts plugin
  that prevented it from running.

* Remove support for BaKoMa fonts -- they are too unreliable and cause
  problems now in Chrome as well as FireFox.

* Fixed a problem with the tex2math plugin that could cause the \\
  terminator, when followed by an open parenthesis or bracket, to not
  be processed properly.

Changed paths:

Path Details
Directorytrunk/webwork-modperl/htdocs/jsMath/easy/load.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork-modperl/htdocs/jsMath/jsMath-easy-load.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork-modperl/htdocs/jsMath/jsMath.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork-modperl/htdocs/jsMath/plugins/autoload.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork-modperl/htdocs/jsMath/plugins/noImageFonts.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork-modperl/htdocs/jsMath/plugins/smallFonts.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork-modperl/htdocs/jsMath/plugins/tex2math.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork-modperl/htdocs/jsMath/uncompressed/jsMath.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork2/htdocs/jsMath/easy/load.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork2/htdocs/jsMath/jsMath-easy-load.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork2/htdocs/jsMath/jsMath.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork2/htdocs/jsMath/plugins/autoload.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork2/htdocs/jsMath/plugins/noImageFonts.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork2/htdocs/jsMath/plugins/smallFonts.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork2/htdocs/jsMath/plugins/tex2math.js modified , text changed
Directorytrunk/webwork2/htdocs/jsMath/uncompressed/jsMath.js modified , text changed

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