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Author: dpvc
Date: Sun Nov 26 23:59:22 2006 UTC (13 years, 2 months ago)
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Provides a formula with units (as opposed to a number with units).
This does introduce some ambiguity issues, since variable names could
look like units in some cases.  E.g., s + 5 m/s could look like
(s + 5*m/s) rather than (s + 5) meters/second.

The parser will take the largest string at the end of the answer that
could be treated as units so s + 5m/s is (s+5) meters/second.

The Units.pm library requries units to be separated by * or / and
only one / is allowed, so s + 5m s is (s+5m) seconds not (s+5) m*s.

Something like 5 m/s/s will generate an error (it shouold be written
m/s*s or m/s^2), and 5 kg m/s should be written 5 kg*m/s.

[If we made the hash of known units be public rather than private in
Units, we could do a better job of this, and could treat kg m/s as
kg*m/s for example.]

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