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'''Looking for the [ WeBWorK Moodle site]?'''
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This wiki is for instructors using WeBWorK on-line homework in their courses and for those working on the development of WeBWorK. Students using WeBWorK for their homework should '''''not''''' register on this site (unless they wish to help with writing development software). There is however some additional documentation for students which can be reached via the &quot;Students&quot; link below. The course instructor can give students the URL for their WeBWorK course.  Usually this is a path to a server on their campus. 
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=WeBWorK Documentation Wiki=
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|style=&quot;width: 50%; border-width: 0px&quot;|{{projectline| Request Wiki Account | Request Wiki Account | To join the Wiki '''[[Special:RequestAccount|request a Wiki account]]'''. Once your account is approved, you can contribute to the wiki and participate in the forums.|Wiki.png}}

=== What is WeBWorK? ===

[[File:ExampleWebWorkProblem.png |thumb|300px|left|Example of a WeBWork Problem]]
WeBWorK is a well-tested homework system for delivering individualized problems over the web. By providing students with immediate feedback as to the correctness of their answers, students can be encouraged to make multiple attempts until they succeed. With individualized problem sets, students can work together but will have to enter their own work to receive credit. 

The instructors are provided with real-time statistics, resulting in lesson plans that can be customized to better serve students.  

As of &lt;s&gt;August 2012 there were more than 550&lt;/s&gt; &lt;s&gt;September 2013 there were more than 725&lt;/s&gt; &lt;s&gt;November 2015 there were more than 1000 institutions&lt;/s&gt; June 2018 there were over 1300 institutions using WeBWorK and the Open Problem library now has over 35,000 curated and indexed exercises. The majority of the institutions using this homework system are located in the USA, but many are located in Canada and Mexico, as well as in Europe, Asia, and Africa.  

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&lt;div style=&quot;text-align:center; font-size:125%&quot;&gt;'''[ WeBWorK News]'''   [[File:rss.gif | link=]] &lt;/div&gt;

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|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px&quot;|{{projectline| A Gallery of Courses | A Gallery of Courses | Model and sample courses using WeBWorK Assignments|Collection.png}}
|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px&quot;|{{projectline| Introduction | Introduction to WeBWorK | An [[Introduction | article and video]] summarizing many of the key features and benefits of WeBWorK.| intro_video.png }}
|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px;&quot;|{{projectline|WeBWorK_Sites|WeBWorK Sites| Map of known WeBWorK Sites|Webworkmap-aug-2012-small.png}}

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|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px&quot;|{{projectline|  Edfinity|Edfinity| Hosted, WeBWorK-compatible homework system with a modern interface. | edfinity-logo.png}}
|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px&quot;|{{projectline| PreTeXt |PreTeXt  | An uncomplicated XML vocabulary for textbooks that can integrate WeBWorK problems.  | PTX-logo.png }}
|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px;&quot;|{{projectline| LibreTexts  |LibreTexts | Platform for the construction, customization, and dissemination of open educational resources (OER) with some WeBWorK utlization. | LibreTexts_icon.png}}

== Documentation ==
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|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px;background-color: #d8e0eb;&quot;|{{projectline| A Community of users | A Community of Users | Forums, events, users, etc. |Echo-ambass-48px.png}}
|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px;background-color: #d8e0eb;&quot;|{{projectline|Get WeBWorK | Getting started with WeBWorK | downloading, installing, cloud hosting,etc.|Gartoon-globe-48px.png}}
|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px;background-color: #d8e0eb;&quot;|{{projectline| Instructors | Instructors | Resources for teachers |User-phd-48px.png}}
|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px;background-color: #d8e0eb;&quot;|{{projectline| Authors | Authors | Want to write some problems? |User-library-48px.png}}
|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px;background-color: #d8e0eb;&quot;|{{projectline| Contribute To WeBWorK | Contribute to WeBWorK | Join this open source community |Echo-infra-48px.png}}
|style=&quot;width: 33%; border-width: 0px;background-color: #d8e0eb;&quot;|{{projectline| Student Information |Students |  Support pages for students using WeBWork |User-student-48px.png}}

== Support ==

WeBWorK is partially supported by the [ DUE Division] of [ NSF].</rev>