2010 Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) in San Francisco

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Some notes WeBWorK related events on the JMM schedule. Please feel free to add or correct.

  • Jan 13 Wed
    • 2:15--5:35pm-- Online delivery of mathematics: Room 3008, Moscone (organized by Bernd Schroeder, Lousiana Tech U)
  • Jan14 Thur
    • 2pm --4pm -- NSF poster session -- Room 3001 Moscone
    • 2pm --4:15pm --MAA session: Online homework - Innovation and Assessment 1, Room 2009 Moscone
    • 5:45pm -- 6:30pm -- SIGMAA on Math Instruction using the Web-- Reception, Bruce Yoshiwarawa will speak
  • Jan 15 Fri
    • 3:20pm Davide Cervone will speak on MathJax, the forthcoming successor to jsMath in Publishing math on the web Room 2011, Moscone
    • 2pm -- 4:55pm MAA session: Online homework - Innovation and Assessment 3, Room 3002, Moscone
    • 5:30 -- ? WeBWorK symposium (look up the original Greek meaning of the word) will take place as WeBWorK aficionados and newcomers gather at some nearby brewery/eatery for dinner or a prelude to dinner.

Location to be selected shortly -- watch this space or the message boards

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