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Edfinity Homework System

Edfinity is an NSF-funded, hosted, next-generation homework system with seamless support for WeBWorK problems and a catalog of over 200 WeBWorK courses (including OPL and other problems). Edfinity provides an intuitive interface, student and educator metrics, a powerful problem editor, problem search, sharing and collaboration, and more. Try Edfinity for free through August 2019. Read more at edfinity.com/homework.

Edfinity WeBWorK Hosting

Thanks to generous funding from the NSF, effective summer 2019, Edfinity will offer WeBWorK hosting with basic online support to all institutions. Hosting will be free through December 2019, and thereafter, paid subscriptions will be available. Current estimates are:

  • student-paid service: estimated $2/month
  • departmental-paid service: estimated $100/course

These fees will help sustain the online support and WeBWorK community efforts. Sign up at edfinity.com/hosting.

Email with questions or comments

Email hosting@edfinity.com with questions or comments.

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