LTI-Advanced Authentication for D2L

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This document provides instructions for how to set up your WeBWorK server as an LTI provider in D2L, which then simplifies the process of creating links to individual WeBWorK courses or assignments. As an instructor this can be performed at the course level, and will apply to all links created within the course. An administrator can do this at the system level so that it applies to all courses on the system, or all courses within an organizational unit.

Setting up WeBWorK as a Tool Provider

  1. Navigate to the Manage External Tools page (as an instructor, this can be found as follows. Go to the Content Browser. Within a content area, click on the "Add Existing Activities" drop-down, and choose "External Learning Tools", then click on "Manage External Tools" at the bottom.
  2. Click on "Manage Tool Providers" at the top.
  3. Click on "New Tool Provider", and fill in the following values:
Launch Point The full url of your webwork server. Typically something like
Secret A random string that must match the variable $LTIBasicConsumerSecret set in authen_LTI.conf
Tool consumer information Check the box "Use custom tool consumer information instead of default"
Key Can be any string, but do not leave blank.
Visibility Click "Allow users to use this tool provider"
Name Optional
Description Optional
Contact Email Optional
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