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Maintenance of the OPL is carried out by its board of editors. They review submissions of new problems to insure that problems are new and properly tagged so they can be found easily with the library browser.

The current board consists of

  • Alex Basyrov: Complex analysis, Real analysis, Algebra
  • William Boshuck: Single-variable calculus
  • Darwyn Cook: Single-variable calculus
  • Jim Fischer: Differential equations
  • Danny Glin: Arithmetic, Set theory and logic
  • Jeff Holt: Financial math, Statistics
  • George Jennings: Multi-variable calculus, Geometry
  • John Jones: Abstract algebra, Cryptography, Number theory, Editor-in-chief
  • Tom Kent: Trig
  • Dick Lane: Probability, Algebra
  • Nandor Sieben: Combinatorics, Graph theory, Linear algebra

In addition, there are people who regularly help fixing of bugs in OPL problems.

If you find a bug in a problem, notice that a problem is misclassified, or see some other issue which should be addressed, please file a bug report through bugzilla . You will need to have a free bugzilla account which is connected to an e-mail address. The only e-mails you will get from bugzilla are updates on the status of the bugs you submit.

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