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==Problem Authoring in WeBWorK==
==Problem Authoring in WeBWorK==
''<span style="color:blue;">Need thisPossible contents:</span>''
The bulk of the first web conference was on authoring problems in WeBWorKResources for problem authoring:
* ''<span style="color:blue;">Link to or information about what WeBWorK problems are</span>''
* [[IntroToWeBWorKProblems|What a WeBWorK Problem Is]]: an introduction to the very basic idea of what we mean by a WeBWorK problem, and how the ''problem source file'' enters into this.
* ''<span style="color:blue;">Link to or logistical information about editing & using problems (WeBWorK's editor, File Manager)</span>''
* [[Web_Conference_Notes|Notes from the Web Conference]]: notes that Gavin took from Paul's presentation on WeBWorK problem authoring.  These include notes about Perl, PG, and MathObjects.
* ''<span style="color:blue;">Link to or example problem template</span>''
* [[Editing_Problem_Files|Instructions on Editing Problem Files]]: Instructions on editing problems in the Prep 2011 WeBWorK course.
* ''<span style="color:blue;">Link to or information about basic PG constructs</span>''
* [[Web_Conference_Sample_Problem|Web Conference Sample Problem]]: The sample problem from Paul's presentation in the web conference.
* ''<span style="color:blue;">Links to reference pages for problem authoring</span>''
* Additional resources on problem authoring are on the last page of [ Paul's Presentation]

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Problem Authoring in WeBWorK

The bulk of the first web conference was on authoring problems in WeBWorK. Resources for problem authoring:

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