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(Index of Problem Coding Techniques)
(A template for macro files)
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* [[SubjectAreaTemplates#Graphing|Graphing]]
* [[SubjectAreaTemplates#Graphing|Graphing]]
== A template for macro files ==  
== Macro file examples ==
==Index of Problem Coding Techniques==
==Index of Problem Coding Techniques==

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A collection of Problem Templates was developed to aid in the writing of new problems.


Basic WeBWorK Problem Templates

Sample Problems
Problem Description Source code
A first problem This sample problem shows the basic structure of a WeBWorK PG problem file and how it is constructed. add
A second problem This sample problem shows how to write three commonly used problem types: formulas making use of more of the MathObjects Formula functionality, multiple choice, and string entry problems. add.
A third problem This sample problem shows how to write problems that include simple dynamically generated graphs. add
A fourth problem This sample problem illustrates the basics of how to use PGML commands to layout a question. add

Templates by Subject Area

The Templates by Subject Area contains a collection of templates organized by subject area. Some shortcuts are listed here for your convenience.

Macro file examples


Index of Problem Coding Techniques

Problem coding techniques are listed in alphabetical order on the Problem Techniques page.

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