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                         Online Homework Delivery System                        
                                  Version 2.15                          

                    Copyright 2000-2019, The WeBWorK Project                    
                              All rights reserved.                              


Prerelease date:  The advanced beta version of webwork and pg 2.15 is anticipated to be released in June 2019.
It is currently (6/1/2019) in the develop branch.

Release date: October 6, 2019 

Big new features: 
1. multilingual support -- all characters will be supported (even emoji for up-to-date support stacks :-) 
  We are looking for a translation coordinator and translators and people to help organizing an international library of problems. 
2. Easier docker installation -- we will improve documentation to allow you to download and spin up a complete webwork site 
  running on your laptop. This makes it easy to test new webwork features and faster for editing questions.

Other features:

Commits: The master branch was modified by 378 commits in merging the webwork-2.15 branch into master.

Github repository:
Modules:    webwork2   pg   ww_install

Some trouble shooting tips

  • A useful alias for entering the docker container. Issue it from the webwork2 directory in the place where you have downloaded your webwork repos. (In this case in webwork-docker/webwork2).
    • Put this in your .bashrc file
       alias dockerbash='docker container exec -it webwork2_app_1 bash'
    • or use the command directly to open a bash instance inside the docker container. It is exactly as if you were logging in to the command line of a site running webwork. You will have to navigate to /opt/webwork/webwork2 to find the copy of the files "inside" the site.
  • If the password for admin doesn't work for the admin course you can fix it. Using the bash shell provided by dockerbash navigate to the bin directory.
    • cd webwork2/bin
    • wwsh admin ./putadmin
       wwsh - The WeBWorK Shell
       Available objects: $ce (WeBWorK::CourseEnvironment)
                          $db (WeBWorK::DB)
       Available modules: Data::Dumper
       courseID: admin and scriptFile:  ./putadmin
       data changed for user admin
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