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Your title here: PG Code Snippet

This PG code shows how to check student answers that are equations. Note that this is an insertion, not a complete PG file. This code will have to be incorporated into the problem file on which you are working.

Problem Techniques Index

PG problem file Explanation

Initialization: To do ..(what you are doing)........., we don't have to change the tagging and documentation section of the problem file. In the initialization section, we need to include the macros file


Define context and  variables for the questions

$expr = Formula("....");

Setup: We specify that the Context should be ......, and define the answer to be a formula.

Notes: on using this and related Contexts.

...... question text ......

Main Text: The problem text section of the file is as we'd expect.

$showPartialCorrectAnswers = 1;

ANS( $expr->cmp() );


Answer Evaluation: As is the answer.

Problem Techniques Index

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