Suggested Homework Set Options

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Options in bold are already available.

Set-Level Options

  • Open Date (Date)
  • Due Date (Date)
  • Allow reduced credit period (Y/N)
    • Reduced Credit Due Date (Date)

(I prefer this being a separate date field so that the reduced credit period can be different for different sets DG)

  • Answer Date (Date)
  • Visible to students (Y/N)
  • Allow IP restrictions (Y/N)
    • Restrict to/Deny From (Select)
    • List of allowable/forbidden locations (MultiSelect)
  • Enforce Time Limit (Y/N)
    • Time Limit (Number)

Question-Specific Options

(It would be nice to be able to set defaults for all of these values, but be able to change them for an individual question)

  • Weight (Integer)
  • Max Attempts (Integer)
  • Allow question rerandomization (Y/N)
    • Rerandomize after how many attempts (Number)
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