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(Docs on webhost that are still valuable)
(Complete set of docs)
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-- Main.SamHathaway - 10 Nov 2003
-- Main.SamHathaway - 10 Nov 2003

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Complete set of docs

Found on the TWiki:

As far as I can tell, the "complete" set of documentation for WeBWorK should consist of the following:
  • a description of webwork for the student, professor, and administrator
  • system requirements (in the installation manual)
  • installation instructions (installation manual)
  • configuration instructions
    • basic configuration is in installation manual
    • a comprehensive list of course environment variables is now in the comments of global.conf and database.conf, but needs to be made accessible. convert to POD?
    • has POD docs, but they have to get put on the wiki
    • the NETPBM stuff is in the installation manual (but really should go away!!!)
  • task-oriented usage instructions
    • admin tasks (like course creation)
      • course admin tasks
    • instructor tasks
    • student tasks
  • command line script documentation
  • library reference (this is/will be POD)
  • pg language reference
    • basics
    • cookbook techniques
    • standard macro packages and modules (some of this exists in POD form on Frontier site)
    • extending pg
  • how to get support
  • contributing to the webwork project (patches, donations, etc)
(this list originally from Message-ID: <>) -- Main.SamHathaway - 10 Nov 2003

Docs on webhost that are still valuable

Found on the TWiki:

There is quite a bit of documentation written for WebWorK 1.x. Some of it is still applicable to WeBWorK 2, including: -- Main.SamHathaway - 24 Aug 2004
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