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Josh Halpern is Professor Emeritus at Howard University and an advocate for Open Educational Resources. He is the LibreTexts OER Project Outreach Team Chair. Halpern's scientific research was eclectic, including materials, earth, and planetary sciences, chemistry and physics. He was the founding director of the DC Space Grant Consortium and administered the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Faculty Fellowship Program from 1995 to 2006. In 2006 he created and was director of an NSF sponsored Partnership for Research and Education in Materials which brought together Johns Hopkins, Howard, Prince George's Community College and Gallaudet University. This resulted in further collaborations with other universities including Cornell, Harvard and MIT. He joined the LibreTexts project in 2013, writing an atoms first General Chemistry text. Halpern talks at conferences and publishes on improving dissemination of OER. He continues to work with PGCC on a new coordinated engineering curriculum using LibreTexts.

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