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This is a list of basic tasks desired by WeBWorK users (Students, instructors, administrators, etc.), as motivated by [1]. The intention is for this document to motivate back-end and API development.

Please feel free to add any missing tasks to this list.


  • Problem/Problem Sets
    • View the list of my problem sets
    • View the list of problems in a problem set
    • Print my assignment
    • View a problem
    • Attempt a problem (enter answers and get feedback)
    • View my grades on the problems in a problem set
    • View my overall grades for all problem sets
    • Get a new version of a problem
    • View my past answers to a problem
  • User Management
    • Change my email address
    • Change my password
  • Communication
    • Email the instructor


  • User management
    • Add a user (or a few users) manually
    • Import users from a file
    • Update a student's information (email, name, id number)
    • Act as a student (see what an individual student sees)
    • Delete a student
    • List all students
    • List all students in a given section / recitation
    • Assign problem sets to one or more users
    • View grades / progress for one or more users
  • Communication
    • Email a student / group of students / all students
  • Problem Sets
    • Create a new problem set
    • Change the details of a problem set
      • Set Name
      • Open, close, answer dates
      • Whether to show hints / solutions, and when
      • Other set-specific parameters
    • Add problems / problem pools to a problem set
    • Change settings for an individual problem within a problem set
      • Number of Attempts
      • Value
      • When to show hints (if available)
    • Assign problem sets to one or more users (possibly based on user criteria such as section / recitation)
    • View grades / progress for one or more problem sets
    • Set whether a problem / problem set should be reseeded after a certain number of attempts
  • Problem Pools
    • Create a problem pool
    • Add / remove problems from a problem pool
  • Problems
    • Edit a problem
    • Create a new problem
    • Copy a problem
    • Upload one or more problems
    • View a problem with a given seed (view a new version of a problem)
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