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Variable Substitution

Frequently, you will have computed or randomly generated values that you want to include in the text of your problem. To insert the value of a $a into PGML, use [$a]. Such values can be inserted into the text anywhere, including inside math delimiters.

 Suppose a manufacturer produces [$n] cars at a cost of [$cost] per car.


 Suppose [`f(x) = [$f]`].  Then [`f'(x) = `] [_________________].


 Suppose [: f(x) = [$f] :].  Then [: f'(x) = :] [_________________].

In the first example, the values of $a and $cost are inserted as plain text. In the second, example, if $f is a MathObject Formula, then its TeX form will be inserted and processed as TeX code (due to the [`...`] delimiters. In the third example, the Formula object's algebra string will be inserted into the math and processed in the Typeset Context to generate the mathematical output.

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