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Assessment here refers either to "formative evaluation" or "effectiveness evaluation."

Formative evaluation is intended to enhance a product as it is being developed. A primary issue here is the idea of usability - how do users respond to the interface, navigation, and visual design components of the system. In particular, how can those components of the system be modified to streamline the cognitive demands of the interface do not interfere with the educational goals of the system.

Effectiveness evaluation addresses issues such as assessing the system's impact on student learning. These modes of evaluation are closely related but distinct. Below we have included resources and publications related to both. (This may change as the Assessment related portion of the wiki expands. As always, feel free to contribute.)

Assessment Moodle Course

Research Ethics

Research Methods


WeBWorK Specific


  • Webwork questionare used at Rochester University. Students were asked to give their opinion about WeBWorK in several areas.


  • Flash Applets for WeBWork Online Homework System by Barbara Margolius and Yuping Wu, Cleveland State University JMM January 7 2011
  • WeBWorK: Improving Student Success in Mathematics by Arnold Pizer, Mike Gage, and Vicki Roth, University of Rochester and Michael Pearson, Mathematical Association of America JMM January 7 2011
  • Engaging students through the use of the online homework system WeBWorK by Anneke Bart, Saint Louis University. JMM January 7 2011 File:Engaging students.pdf
  • Treatment for the "Submit Answer" Addict: Active Interventions for Struggling Calculus Students identified by WeBWorK Performance Data by Aaron Wangberg,Winona State University. JMM January 6 2011
  • WeBWorK Assessment. A presentation by Vicky Roth and Eleanna Tsoumani. MathFest 2007. File:WeBWorK Assessment.MathFest2007.pdf