PREP 2015 System Administration Videos

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Links to videos will be posted later...until then, all videos are located at

(For videos related to the PREP 2015 Problem Authoring Workshop check out this page.)

WeB Conference 0.1 - June 1 Introduction to WeBWorK

Web Conference 0.2 - July 2

PM session only - 2:00-4:00pm Eastern. This session is optional and designed to show participants some of the basic tools used to navigate CentOS Linux.

Session Outline Basic commands System structure Package management Virtual machines File management including permissions

Intensive Component

Web Conference 1 - July 6

General Theme. Nuts and bolts regarding how the system really works. Demonstrating these details by installing parts from scratch.

AM session 11:00-1:00 Eastern

Session Outline Preliminaries Describe a WeBWorK installation What is WeBWorK How it “works” Finding help and keeping up to date Breakout Participants register for wiki (if not already registered) Participants locate forums and special forum for PREP course. What is the latest in WeBWorK via blog ( URL for signing up for listserv How many WeBWorK sites have registered? System requirements - participant assignment: get your system by next week Hardware Network access Software Overview of git and github

PM session 3:00-5:00 Eastern

Session Outline Presentation of a partial manual install of WeBWorK

Homework: Each participant will work with their local IT personnel to set up a local server with the “proper” setup and for installing WeBWorK next week. Participants should insure that their server is publicly accessible via a browser and that they have administrative privileges to install system software. Only the person installing software will need ssh access.

Web Conference 2 - July 13

Everyone installing their own version of WeBWorK using the script. Tweaking system settings to get things running correctly.

AM session 11:00-1:00 Eastern

Session Outline: Determine what OS options are being utilized. Downloading the install script Running the install script Introduction to supplementary scripts

PM session 3:00-5:00 Eastern

Session Outline Testing out the servers Check that we can access the admin page and create a course. Log into the new course and check that we can create a student. Check that we can import the demo set. Check that we can check answers to a problem and that the answers are checked correctly. Go to the Library Browser and check that we can create a set, view problems, and add problems to the set. Change due dates and check that we can submit problems to a set. Check that the answers show up in Past Answers. Check that you can edit a problem and save a local version. Check that user settings are working, in particular check both images and MathJax display modes. Download a hard copy of a homework set to check latex system. If email was set up, check that we can send an email using the mailer. For servers which are externally accessible, create test courses on your server for two or three of the other PREP participants as instructors. Use assignments noted in the shared Google folder. Each external participant should go through the “Testing out the servers” for HOMEWORK

Homework Set up a few local “courses” and play around with each other's systems to add problem sets, etc.

Web Conference 3 - July 14

System Administration using both the web interface and then the command line.

AM Session 11:00-1:00 Eastern

Session Outline System Administration - Web side System Administration - Command line side

PM Session 3:00-5:00 Eastern

Session Outline System Administration Backing up your data Managing using the command line Upgrading to the latest version Useful Scripts

Homework: Invite a colleague from your institution to utilize WeBWorK. Create a course for this person and have them enjoy the fruits of your labors. Find something in localOverrides.conf to change.

Web Conference 4 - July 20

New Interface, other development, and wrap up.

PM Session 2:00-4:00 Eastern

Session Outline Development WeBWorK 3 How to contribute back Creating new themes and new front pages Reading the log files (Troubleshooting, diagnosing problems)

Wrap Up Evaluation