Preparing a release for distribution

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Making WeBWorK tarballs is fun and easy! Anyone can do it! In this example, we'll make tarballs for the final 2.2 release, tag rel-2-2-0.

Step 1: Update README to contain current release notes and LICENSE to reflect current version number. Make sure lib/ contains the correct versions number in $main::VERSION.

For example: wget -O- '' | perl -pe '$/=undef;$_=<>;s|<ul>.*?</ul>||s' | lynx -dump -stdin >

Step 2: Tag a point on the rel-2-2-dev branch as rel-2-2-0. Do this from within an up-to-date working directory on the rel-2-2-dev branch.

( cd webwork2 && cvs tag rel-2-2-0 )
( cd pg && cvs tag rel-2-2-0 )

Note: Steps 3-6 can be done with the mkdist script (in admintools). Edit before running to set the proper release tag.

Step 3: Check out the source for rel-2-2-0 from anonymous CVS.

cvs -d checkout -r rel-2-2-0 -d webwork-2.2 webwork2
cvs -d checkout -r rel-2-2-0 -d pg-2.2 pg

Step 4: Convert the Tag to rel-2-2-dev so that people can track bugfixes. This seems like the best choice, since if people want to stick with 2.2, they'll just not update, and if they want to get patches, they don't have to change the branch.

( cd webwork-2.2 && find . -regex '.*/CVS/\(Tag\|Entries\)' -print0 | xargs -0 perl -pi -e 's/rel-2-2-0$/rel-2-2-dev/' )
( cd pg-2.2 && find . -regex '.*/CVS/\(Tag\|Entries\)' -print0 | xargs -0 perl -pi -e 's/rel-2-2-0$/rel-2-2-dev/' )

Step 5: Tar them up, and compress them as both GZip and BZip2 archives.

tar -czf webwork-2.2.tar.gz webwork-2.2
tar -cjf webwork-2.2.tar.bz2 webwork-2.2
tar -czf pg-2.2.tar.gz pg-2.2
tar -cjf pg-2.2.tar.bz2 pg-2.2

Step 6: Give them to SourceForge:

Step 7: Add the release to /webwork/docs2html:

cvs -d /webwork/cvs/system checkout -r rel-2-2-0 -d webwork_rel-2-2-0 webwork2
cvs -d /webwork/cvs/system checkout -r rel-2-2-0 -d pg_rel-2-2-0 pg