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WeBWorK has three editable files which are used to display information for the whole WeBWorK site Site Info, on a course's login page Login Info and on a course's front page Course Info.

Site Info

General Site Info is displayed on the page listing all WeBWorK courses and also on the login page for every course below Login Info. It is displayed on the login page since most people will go directly to the login page bypassing the page listing all WeBWorK courses. Since this information is about the site as a whole, it has to be entered by a WeBWorK administrator in the file /opt/webwork/webwork2/htdocs/site_info.txt . If this file is empty (which is the case for a new WeBWorK installation, no information will be displayed. Administrators can place whatever information they they desire in the file using standard html. E.g.


Welcome to the WeBWorK server at my university.

If the server will be going down for maintenance, there is one place to post that information

Login Info