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The #webwork IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel is the best form of real-time communication for discussion of or questions about WeBWorK.

You will often find developers or other knowledgeable users who will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have about WeBWorK. You will often be able to get help very promptly through #webwork. However, please keep in mind that the people listed as in the channel at any particular time may or may not actually be in front of their computers or be available to answer your question immediately. So, please don't take offense if no one responds to you. You aren't being ignored, but you may have to wait a while until someone who can help is available.

The IRC conversations are recorded into the IRC log


The #webwork IRC channel is on the freenode IRC network. Internet Relay Chat is a real-time text messaging protocol. The freenode IRC network is dedicated to providing IRC channels for peer-directed projects, and it hosts IRC channels for many of the most popular open-source projects.

The IRC protocol is supported by many popular chat clients such as Pidgin and Empathy. Dedicated IRC clients are available for nearly all desktop operating systems and these often have useful advanced IRC specific features for those who wish to use them.

  • The IRC Prelude is a helpful article for IRC beginners.
  • IRC etiquette is mostly common sense. Freenode encourages users to go beyond politeness and become catalysts.
  • Here is a more extensive IRC tutorial.
  • XChat is a popular multi-platform IRC client (Unix, Linux, Windows).
  • mIRC claims to be the most popular IRC client for Windows.
  • Colloquy is free client that works for macs
  • Textual a client for macs which costs $4.99 at the Apple App store (or you can download source code and compile it yourself for free.)
  • The freenode FAQ explains how to get started on freenode, register a nickname for yourself, and generally has a lot of good information and useful advice.

To connect to #webwork

  • this direct link can be used if you have an IRC client installed:

To connect to #webwork from a browser:

  • if you do not have an IRC client installed, then you can connect to freenode and the #webwork channel in a web browser here

If you need additional help finding, installing or configuring an IRC client, then here are some links that might help:

webwork IRC log[edit]