upgrading WeBWorK from svn to git

These are notes about upgrading a web-server The old Subversion repository (somewhere on WeBWorK.maa.org) is frozen. Although it is possible to do a Subversion CheckOut from the active repository on Github, that Github repository has different numbering from the MAA repository — the result is that using svn switch will not work. Some type of full (and updatable) download from Github will be required to stay up-to-date. This is a record of a complete switch to Git.

This procedure defers changes to a running system to the very end. The steps are adapted from the Quick instructions for updating WeBWorK to the GitHub version section of http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Github   This work was done using an SSH connection through a VPN tunnel; all commands were given using a terminal interface (i.e., no GUI). These steps are recorded from a session which followed several dry runs and two test runs, both with some minor mistakes.

0: upgrade operating system

1: upgrade cpan and Perl modules used by WeBWorK

2: confirm key environment variables point to WeBWorK stuff

$  echo  $WEBWORK_ROOT	##  /opt/webwork/webwork2
$  echo  $PATH		##  ends with  $WEBWORK_ROOT/bin
$  echo  $PG_ROOT	##  /opt/webwork/pg

3: download WeBWorK files from github

4: record configuration choices for old (current) installation

5: configure the new system (before making it active)

cautious changes to the running system

Although the following sequences of commands can be executed fairly quickly, a cautious approach might involve selective uses of sudo apache2ctl halt and sudo apache2ctl restart to avoid disruption during periods when the system is in an inconsistent state (part old & part new).

6: keep old stuff in case we need to revert

7: switch to new system

8: update database for problems

$  OPL-update

9: (gasp)   reverting to old system

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