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DragNDrop.pm - Drag-N-Drop Module


DragNDrop.pm is a backend Perl module which facilitates the implementation of 'Drag-And-Drop' in WeBWorK problems. It is meant to be used by other perl macros such as draggableProof.pl and draggableSubsets.pl


An HTML element into or out of which other elements may be dragged will be called a "bucket". An HTML element which houses a collection of buckets will be called a "bucket pool".


Each macro aiming to implement drag-n-drop features must call at its initialization:

 ADD_CSS_FILE("https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/nestable2/1.6.0/jquery.nestable.min.css", 1);
 ADD_JS_FILE("https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/nestable2/1.6.0/jquery.nestable.min.js", 1, { defer => undef });
 ADD_CSS_FILE("js/apps/DragNDrop/dragndrop.css", 0);
 ADD_JS_FILE("js/apps/DragNDrop/dragndrop.js", 0, { defer => undef });

To initialize a bucket pool, do:

 my $bucket_pool = new DragNDrop($answerInputId, $aggregateList);

$answerInputId is a unique identifier for the bucket_pool, it is recommended that it be generated with NEW_ANS_NAME.

$aggregateList is a reference to an array of all "statements" intended to be draggable. Example:

 $aggregateList = ['socrates is a man', 'all men are mortal', 'therefore socrates is mortal'];

It is imperative that square brackets be used.


 DragNDrop($answerInputId, $aggregateList, AllowNewBuckets => 1);

allows student to create new buckets by clicking on a button.

To add a bucket to an existing pool $bucket_pool, do:


$indices is the reference to the array of indices corresponding to the statements in $aggregateList to be pre-included in the bucket.

For example, if the $aggregateList is:

 ['Socrates is a man', 'all men are mortal', 'therefore Socrates is mortal']

and the bucket consists of:

 { 'Socrates is a man', 'therefore Socrates is mortal' }


 $indices = [0, 2].

An empty array reference, e.g. $bucket_pool->addBucket([]), gives an empty bucket.


 $bucket_pool->addBucket($indices, label => 'Barrel', removable => 1)

puts the label 'Barrel' at the top of the bucket. With the removable option set to 1, the bucket may be removed by the student via the click of a "Remove" button at the bottom of the bucket. (The first created bucket may never be removed.)

To output the bucket pool to HTML, call:


To output the bucket pool to LaTeX, call:



See draggableProof.pl and draggableSubsets.pl

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