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  This object is designed to ease the use of fractions

Variables and Methods


                numerator       #numerator of fraction
                denominator     #denominator of fraction

        Arithmetic Methods      #these will all accept a scalar value or 
                                #another fraction as an argument

                plus            #returns the sum of the fraction and argument
                minus           #returns fraction minus argument
                subtractFrom    #returns argument minus fraction
                divBy           #returns fraction divided by argument
                divInto         #returns argument divided by fraction
                times           #returns fraction times argument
                compare         #returns <, =, or > for the relation of fraction to argument

                        pow             #returns fraction raised to argument, a given integer power

        Other methods
                reduce          #reduces to lowest terms, and makes sure denominator is positive
                scalar          #returns the scalar value numerator/denominator
                print           #prints the fraction
                print_mixed     #prints the fractionas a mixed number
                print_inline    #prints the fraction like this 2/3


        The fraction object stores two variables, numerator and denominator.  The basic
arithmatic methods listed above can be performed on a fraction, and it can return its own
scalar value for use with functions expecting a scalar (ie, sqrt($frac->scalar) ).  

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