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Sage cell

        usage: Sage( SageCode => 'print 1+2; record_answer(3)', 
                     ButtonText => 'Start/Restart the Interactive Cell', 
                     ShowAnswerBlank => # "hidden" (default) or "visible" or 'none'
                     CellServerAddress => ''
                NAMED_ANS(sageAnswer => Compute('3')->cmp);

The arguments are all optional but usually you will want to supply your own SageCode.

This method of calling sage was designed specially for presenting sage "interacts", applet like creations in SageMath, although it may be useful for other purposes also. If the answer blank is hidden then the interact fills in the answer as a result of manipulations on the applet performed by the student and the student cannot override the answer.

To return answers from the sage interact:

The function record_answer(answer_list) called from within the SageCode creates a NAMED_ANS_RULE or NAMED_HIDDEN_ANS_RULE with the values of the answer_list inserted. If ShowAnswerBlank is "hidden" then the HIDDEN answer rule is used; if ShowAnswerBlank is 'none' then no answer blank is inserted.

For the current implementation the Sage interact can create only one answer blank.

When the sage interact creates an answer blank it must be checked by WeBWorK using the construction

NAMED_ANS(sageAnswer => $correctAnswer->cmp)

where 'sageAnswer' is the SageAnswerName and $correctAnswer is a MathObject.

By default the sage created answer blanks are hidden, but it is visible if ShowAnswerBlank is set to 'visible'. When visible the answer blanks occur within the borders which define the output of the sage applet. The answer blanks are 15 spaces long.

sageCalculatorPad code.

This is a simple interface for embedding a sage calculation cell in any problem. Details for this can be found at and for more detail:

The latter reference provides information for embedding a customized sageCell with more options than are provided by sageCalculatorPad()

Sample sageCalculatorPad

        sageCalculatorHeader();  # set up javaScript needed for the sageCalculatorPad

           sageCalculatorPad( "Use this calculator pad to make calculations",  
        data = [1, 3, 4, 1, 7, 4, 2, 3, 2, 4, 2, 5, 4, 1, 3, 3, 2]
        n = len(data); print "Number of data values =",n
        s = sum(data); print "          Sum of data = ",s
        s2 = sum((x^2 for x in data)); print "       Sum of squares = ",s2
        s3 = sum((x^3 for x in data)); print "         Sum of cubes = ",s3
        s4 = sum((x^4 for x in data)); print "        Sum of forths = ",s4;print
        mu = mean(data); print "             The mean =",mu
        var = variance(data); print "  The sample variance = ",var

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