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activating the source button

In order for this button to work the course needs to have a link from

        myCourse/html/show-source.cgi to webwork2/htdocs/show-source.cgi

in the directory myCourse/html. To create this link execute the following command (you will need command line access to the server to do this)

        ln -s /opt/webwork/webwork2/htdocs/show-source.cgi    show-source.cgi

You need to make sure that the file webwork2/htdocs/show-source.cgi is executable by the apache webserver.

To accomplish this you need to uncomment this line in webwork.apache2-config

        ScriptAliasMatch /webwork2_course_files/([^/]*)/show-source.cgi/(.*) /opt/webwork/courses/$1/html/show-source.cgi/$2

The show-source.cgi script may also have to be customized to set $root to the webwork2 directory

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