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Interacting with the Community

Helping Yourself

Providing feedback to developers


Mailing Lists

The WeBWorK project maintains three development related mailing lists. General information about these mailing lists, including instructions on how to subscribe can be found on our [Mailing_Lists] page. All lists may be subscribed to from More information about these lists can be found on our Mailing_Lists page.

IRC for interactive community support

The #webwork IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel is the best form of real-time communication for discussion of or questions about WeBWorK.

You will often find developers or other knowledgeable users who will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have about WeBWorK. You will often be able to get help very promptly through #webwork. However, please keep in mind that the people listed as in the channel at any particular time may or may not actually be in front of their computers or available to answer your question immediately. So, please don't take offense if no one responds to you. You aren't being ignored, but you may have to a while until someone who can help is available.

Instructions and guidelines for using the #webwork IRC channel are available on our IRC page.

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