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The MAA, with funding from NSF-DUE 0920341, offers limited hosting of WeBWorK courses for faculty in the mathematical sciences.

It is expected that hosting will be limited to 100 students per institution. Institutions or faculty who need more substantial hosting are encouraged to explore installing WeBWorK on your own server. WeBWorK is open-source software and is available for download. If you are considering downloading WeBWorK, we encourage you to connect with the IT support on your campus and the WeBWorK user forum.

Our goals in providing this service include developing a sustainable hosting capacity and continued development of WeBWorK to make it easier to use and a more effective instructional tool. Thus, as a condition of hosting, you may be contacted to provide feedback on your experience.


Requesting an MAA hosted course

To request that the MAA host a WeBWorK course, please go to . Please make your hosting requests at least two weeks before the start of the semester in which your course will run. Hosting requests are approved on a semester-by-semester basis. Near the end of each semester, instructors who wish to continue with MAA hosting must specifically request that their hosted courses be renewed for the following semester.

Renewing an MAA hosted course

Backing up an MAA hosted course

Renaming an MAA hosted course

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