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Construction.png This article is under construction. Use the information herein with caution until this message is removed.

Recommended server maintenance tasks for typical WeBWorK servers. Please note that these server maintenance tasks are WeBWorK specific. That is, they are additional tasks a system administrator should consider doing because of running WeBWorK on the server.

Warning : As any professional system administrator knows, proper server maintenance requires regular attention to very many sub-systems, not just WeBWorK. Faculty who run production WeBWorK servers are very strongly advised to either find a sysadmin who can help you, or to read up on system administration.


Set up environment

E.g., $WEBWORK_ROOT, path, learn to use webwork commandline scripts.

Upgrading WeBWorK

See Upgrading WeBWorK.

Upgrading the NPL

See Upgrading_WeBWorK#Update_the_National_Problem_Library.

Rotate Logs

timing.log, apache logs

Regularly clean out temporary files

See Clean Out Temporary Files.

Archive old courses

Items to include in backups

mysqldumps, courses/

Recommended reading

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