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Dr. David Shulman is the Campus President of the Broward College Online, serving the needs of students through online certificate and degree programs. A native of Zimbabwe, Dr. Shulman began his career as a classical musician, obtaining a Licentiate in Performance from Trinity College, London, and a Licentiate in Performance from the Royal Schools of Music. After moving to the Arizona from England in 1982, Dr. Shulman completed a B.S. in Computer Science from Western International University, and spent several years managing information technology projects in the manufacturing sector. During his final year in Arizona, Dr. Shulman worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs on the Hopi Reservation, teaching 6th Grade, music, and computer literacy.

After moving to Florida in 1988, Dr. Shulman obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Computing and Technology from Barry University. For the following decade Dr. Shulman taught mathematics and computing to incarcerated youth at the Miami-Dade Juvenile Detention Center. This work included winning and implementing a unique grant that utilized musical instrument building as an applied mathematics learning strategy. In 1998 Dr. Shulman was hired by Miami-Dade County Public Schools as the District Coordinator of Instructional Technology, primarily to develop strategies and projects for integrating learning technologies into the classroom. This tenure was marked by over $5 million in grant funding to launch the “Miami-Dade Virtual Campus”, serving the district’s students, teachers, and staff.

In 2001 Dr. Shulman joined Broward College as District Director of Learning Technologies. Through early 2012 this involved working on strategic e-learning initiatives and the integration of best-of-breed emergent technologies to support teaching and learning. In 2010 Dr. Shulman earned a Ph.D. in Information Science from Nova Southeastern University. From 2012 through early 2014 Dr. Shulman served as the interim Associate Vice President for Instructional Technology. During this tenure he designed and implemented Broward College’s newest campus, Broward College Online, with a mission to extend access to affordable, high quality online certificate and degree programs for local, state, national and international students. In February, 2014 Dr. Shulman was appointed Campus President of Broward College Online.

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