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Documentation tasks

  1. Getting started -- a roadmap for finding information in the WeBWorK wiki
    1. Make clear pathways for beginners for each of these topics.
      1. How do I find out what WeBWorK is and what it is capable of (i.e. range of problem types and subject matter)?
      2. How do I get started using WeBWork to teach a course?
      3. How to get started writing problems for WeBWorK?
      4. What is the history/background of WeBWorK and its support community?
    2. Current participants/volunteers:
      1. Jason Aubrey, Malcolm Harper, Bruce, general
      2. Peter Staab -- (3) writing problems -- Particularly improving the Fraction and Rational expression capabilities.
      3. Rewrite Shamanske's newbie guide using MathObjects ---MIke Gage???
      4. Add more examples to the "problem techniques section" --- volunteers?
  2. Constructing complete courses on common subjects with "exemplary" homework questions:
    1. Model_pre_calculus course
      1. Robin Cruz, Doug Mogamo, Peter Staab -- are adding problems to this site (contact rcruz at math.collegeofidaho.edu to help)
    2. Model_calculus course
      1. Mike Gage -- converting problems currently used at U. of Rochester in first semester calculus to use MathObjects (gage at math.rochester.edu)
  3. Core WeBWorK code updates:
    1. Refactor grading code in Grades, Student Progress and scoring -- Jason Aubrey and Mike Gage
    2. Improve display of student statistics (can we create graphs for easy display?) -- Jason Aubrey
    3. Mail merge fixes, improved defaults for scoring and for number of attempts -- Arnie Pizer (see AIM07/Working Groups)
    4.  !! long term - Rewrite WeBWorK database to have fewer tables but more records and more "Joins" (use moodle database as a model) -- no takers yet.
      1. Create unique ids for users, homework sets, and questions which are NOT their names. (allowing one to change a user name, or to change the position of a question in a homework set without changing its data, or to rename a set without duplicating it.)
  4. Authoring features
    1. Flash applets -- Barbara Margolious and Mike Gage -- finish the applet API and create a course of examples in flash and java.
    2. Merge the MathObjects matrix class with the RealMatrix1 class -- no takers yet
    3. Multipart/ sequential problems (see AIM07/Working Groups)
    4. Graphics (see AIM07/Working Groups)
  5. NationalProblemLibrary
    1. Ongoing task of cleaning the tags, updating tags and maintaining the library
    2. Investigate analyzing WeBWorK data to see which NPL problems are effective or ineffective, hard or easy
    3.  !!! More long range -- some group should plan the organizing structure of a 2nd generation NPL