2009 mini-conference plans

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2009 WeBWorK mini-conference

The Portland State University math department has generously offered to host a mini-conference for WeBWorK developers and "power users". We will hold this on Wednesday, Aug 5th at the Portland State math department which is a short walk away from the hotels where the Portland, OR Mathfest will take place from Aug 6th to Aug 8th.


Here is the current schedule. It is flexible and it may yet change -- feel free to sent comments to gage@math.rochester or add them yourself.

  • 10am-10:45 August 5th: Discussion leaders: Jason Aubrey and Mike Gage
    • Can we support a Google "summer of code" proposal?
      • If so: Discuss plans and form a steering committee to submit proposal for Google summer of code for the summer of 2010
    • Social networking -- mini-conferences, forum, facebook!?
    • Video conferences: report, request for topics and for comments
    • Documentation Screencasts: comments, request for topics, request for volunteers
    • Other documentation topics....
  • 11:15 am-11:45 Bill Wheeler, Indiana University
  • 11:50 - 12:05 Discussion leader: Mike Gage
    • Brief update on status of WeBWorK-Moodle assignment level and question level bridges and the WeBWorK Blackboard bridge and discussion of further plans for WeBWorK -- CMS integration or WeBWorK-- ..??.. integration for that matter.
12:15pm Lunch -- somewhere nearby PSU
  • 2pm-2:35 Ted Mahavier (Lamar U) and Valerio de Angelis (Xavier University of Lousiana)
    • --- MathNerds --- alternatives/supplements to the "email the instructor" button
    • Discussion:
      • Explore other help ideas -- link to wiki pages? moodle forum? wolframalpha?
      • List desirable software hooks and features to implement this (summer of code material?)
  • 2:45pm -3:15pm Leaders: Doug Magomo (Northland College, WI) and Robin Cruz (College of Idaho)
    • --- PreCalculus problems and website
  • 3:30pm -4:00pm Assessment: Controlled experiments using WeBWorK
  • 4:15pm - 4:45pm Assessment news and discussion
    • Leader: Vicki Roth
  • 5pm-5:15pm Applet interface (Flash, Java, Geogebra) update
    • Leader: Mike Gage
6:00 Dinner (location to be determined)
  • Reports on flash applet, java applet and geogebra integration.

Thanks to Marek Elzanowski , Dan Streeter of Portland State University, Aaron Wooton of the University of Portland, Jason Aubrey of the University of Missouri, Mike Gage of the University of Rochester for organizing this event and to all of the participants for making it possible.