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WeBWorK working groups and leaders

Accessibility -- making WeBWorK accessible to all
Lila Roberts, Georgia College and State University
Vicki Roth, University of Rochester
Ease of Use -- resolving user interface issues in WeBWorK2, particularly the instructor interface
Arnie Pizer, University of Rochester
Linear Algebra -- writing good linear algebra problems in WeBWorK
 :Tom Haggedorn The College of New Jersey  
Sequential Problems -- (progressive, ) sectioned problems in which the first part of the problem must be answered before the remaining parts of the problem are revealed.
 :Karen Clark The College of New Jersey  
MathObjects Documentation -- documenting the new question writing paradigm developed by Davide Cervone
 :Jason Aubrey University of Missouri   
 :Sam Koski Miami Springs Senior High 
FlashObjects -- Integrating flash and java applets into WeBWorK problems
 :Doug Ensley Shippensberg University   
 :Barbara Kaskoz University of Rhodes Island  
GraphObjects -- Rewriting existing graph objects so that they conform to the MathObjects paradigm -- and documenting the changes
 :Darwyn Cook Alfred University  
Simplified Entry -- developing and disseminating simplified methods of entering certain problem types
 :Robert Molzon University of Kentucky  
PreCalc -- developing tools for writing pre-calc questions
 :Robin Cruz Albertson College of Idaho  
Problem Library -- developing methods that streamline the way contributed WeBWorK questions are uploaded and edited
 :John Jones Arizona State University  
Automated Question Testing -- automated testing of WeBWorK questions
 :Ted Ashton University of Georgia  
Problems for Computer Science -- developing methods for using WeBWorK in CS courses
 :Christelle Scharff Pace University