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Answer Format Help Links

This PG code shows how to add answer format help links to problems.

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PG problem file Explanation

Initialization: We need to include the macros file


$answer = ImplicitPlane("x+y=2");

Setup: By declaring there are only two variables, ImplicitPlane will address objects as lines rather than planes.

Enter an equation for a line through the points
\( (0,2) \) and \( (2,0) \).
\{ ans_rule(20) \}
\{ AnswerFormatHelp("equations") \}

Main Text: We use AnswerFormatHelp("equations") to generate a link to an html help file with link text help (equations). The html help files are specifically designed to help students figure out the correct syntax for their answer, as well as common mistakes to avoid. We recommend placing a help link immediately after each answer blank in a problem, especially if there are different types of answers. Currently, help files are available for

  • angles
  • decimals
  • exponents
  • formulas
  • fractions
  • inequalities
  • intervals
  • logarithms
  • limits
  • numbers
  • points
  • syntax
  • units
  • vectors

It is possible to change the link text to help entering equations by including a second argument to the routine:

\{ AnswerFormatHelp("equations","help entering equations") \}

It is possible to provide a link to an external file. We do not recommend this as it requires external files be maintained and links not become broken. Fields marked bogus are unused, but necessary, placeholders.

\{ AnswerFormatHelp("bogus","help (formulas)","") \}

It is possible to write your help document directly into the PG file as the fourth field to AnswerFormatHelp. This keeps the help documentation internal to the PG file and is therefore preferable to providing a link to an external file.

\{ AnswerFormatHelp("bogus",
"custom help on formulas (internal source)",
"<h3>  Help With Something</h3>
<li><font color='#222255'>Header 1:</font> Some text with 
some math    <code>ln(x)</code><br /><br /></li>
<li><font color='#222255'>Header 2:</font> Some more text 
with stuff below indented <blockquote>More text</blockquote>
<br /></br></li>
<br /><br />") \}

$showPartialCorrectAnswers = 1;

ANS( $answer->cmp() );


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