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<h2>Basic WeBWorK Problem Templates</h2>
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There are three basic problem templates here:
<li> [[SampleProblem1|A first problem]]: a very simple problem showing the structure of a WeBWorK problem. The source code for the file is also available '''''(need to attach file somehow)'''''. </li>
<li> [[SampleProblem2|A second problem]]: this problem shows some additional commonly used problem types. The source code '''''(needs to be attached)'''''. </li>
<li> [[SampleProblem3|A third problem]]: this is a problem that provides a very simple example of how to incorporate graphics into a WeBWorK problem. Source code. </li>
More advanced examples are available in the [[SubjectAreaTemplates|templates by subject area]], and specific problem techniques in an [[ProblemTechniquesIndexByTopic|index of problem techniques]].

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