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** [[SequentialProblems]] revealing the problem one step at a time
** [[SequentialProblems]] revealing the problem one step at a time
** [[Converting CAPA problems for use with WeBWorK]]
** [[Converting CAPA problems for use with WeBWorK]]
* '''[[TrainingAuthors |Notes on training authors]]''', and suggestions for further documentation-- Sam Hathaway

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Learning how to Author WeBWorK problems

  • See Problem Authoring Background Information and sample problems If you're just starting out.
  • See index of problem techniques section If you need help with one particular construct.
  • See PGML (Template 4) to learn techniques which simplify formatting the appearance of the questions.
  • See MathObjects for more information on authoring problems using MathObjects.
  • See PGLabs to try out code fragments on line -- including code fragments containing MathObjects. This is a quick way to learn the fine points of the MathObject syntax.

Basic info and Sample Problems

Reference Documents

  • Index of Problem Techniques ** very useful code fragments
  • POD -- POD = "plain old documentation" -- original documentation embedded in the code files.
  • PGLabs, On-line labs for rendering of PG code. These labs allow you to interactively experiment with PG syntax online.
  • PGML formatting examples.
  • The Good Questions project at Cornell University [1]

Manuals and HOWTOs