Consultant system on a live USB drive

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Construction.png This article is under construction. Use the information herein with caution until this message is removed.

These instructions explain how to download and install a disk image of a fully functioning WeBWorK 2.4 system customized for WeBWorK consultants onto a 4 GB or larger USB flash memory drive.

USB flash memory drives

USB flash drives vary greatly in read/write speeds. We suggest using one with that has good specs. For example the SanDisk Extreme Contour drive (25MB/s read and 18MB/s write).

Installing WeBWorK on a 4 GB or larger USB flash memory drive

After installing the disk image on a USB flash memory drive, you will have a full fledged Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit system with WeBWorK, Apache2, MySQL, etc. installed and configured. WeBWorK will have sample courses (maa101 to maa130)already set up. In addition various resources for WeBWorK consultants (handouts, presentations, etc) are will be present on the desktop. This is a 32 bit system so it should run on virtually all hardware.

Your USB flash memory drive will be identical to the flash drives which are distributed at WeBWorK Consultant Training Workshops.


Follow the directions contained in Installing_WeBWorK_on_Live_USB except that you should download the following .iso file and md5 check sum

  1. Go to and download WW2.4_Ubuntu10.04_32bit_Consultant_LiveDVD.iso (it is a 1.18 GB file)
  2. Click on and save the MD5 checksum