Create WeBWorK Amazon Machine Image (AMI) File

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Instructions for creating a WeBWorK Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Log into EC2 Dashboard

Locate the current Ubuntu LTS AMI in and search us-east-2 and click on link

Choose an Instance Type e.g. T4g small

ADD Storage

20 GM storage

Also make sure that Delete on Termination is unchecked.


Follow direction in about adding security groups, etc

Security groups have to be setup from the AMS dashboard

add the wwadmin user

sudo adduser wwadmin

Install WW following

  1. Installation_Manual_for_2.16_on_Ubuntu


  1. Create WeBWorK Virtual Machine (.OVA) File

Before configuring WeBWork, set the server time zone

sudo timedatectl set-timezone America/New_York

Configure WeBWorK, set URL to ip address in site.conf for testing. Set to and use Google domains to forward to ip address. Set up HW sets with due dates, class lists, etc the same way as in current AMI's or the current virtual machine image

Create the AMI see