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Instructions for creating WeBWorK-LiveDVD

Note that the resulting .iso image can be used to create both a bootable LiveDVD and a bootable Live USB flash memory stick

  1. Download the ubuntu live CD
  2. Install following the standard directions with the following options
    1. Don't partition disks separately (it doesn't matter for the Live DVD)
    2. User name: Ubuntu
    3. login: ubuntu
    4. password: admin
    5. Computer name: WeBWorK-LiveDVD

Note: The process hung at step 6 -migrate settings. There were no setting to migrate but I had problems continuing. No forward key. I just starting hitting keys and something worked, maybe Fn something (this may be an artifact of my laptop which has about 10 separate partitions and I'm installing into one of them)

Follow install directions

  1. set password for MySQL (admin)
  2. add prof ubuntu/admin to admin course
  3. add practice users and jsmith/jsmith to myTestCourse

Read about remastersys (from

Install Remastersys in Ubuntu

Where can I get remastersys? The Remastersys repository needs to be added to your /etc/apt/sources.list

Paste the following into the sources.list:

  1. Remastersys

deb ubuntu/

Then run "sudo apt-get update" and install remastersys.


sudo find / -namw *~ -print

Clear Firefox data, logs

Edit /etc/remastersys.conf

LIVEUSER "ubuntu" LIVECDLABEL "WeBWorK Live DVD Demo" CUSTOMISO "WW2.4Demo_Ubuntu9.04_LiveDVD.iso"

Note: info in the remastersys.conf file didn't seem to get read or maybe I missed something. sudo remaster.sys backup

The iso file is in /home/remastersys/

to burn: right click on file and select write to disk