Create WeBWorK Virtual Machine (.OVA) File

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Instructions for creating a WeBWorK Virtual Machine (.OVA) Image

Note that the resulting .ova image can be used to create a virtual machine

Build the server on VirtualBox

  1. Select dynamic vmdk disk, e.g. 20 GB
  2. 8 GB memory
  3. 4 cpu's
  1. Download the ubuntu live CD (server version)
  2. Install following the standard directions with the following options
    1. Don't partition disks separately
    2. User name: wwadmin
    3. login: wwadmin
    4. password: wwadmin
    5. Computer name: wwserver
  1. set password for (wwadmin)
  2. add practice users and jsmith/jsmith to myTestCourse

Read about PinguyBuilder (from

Install PinguyBuilder in Ubuntu

sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb


  1. sudo find / -name *~ -print
  2. Clear Firefox data, logs

Remove openssh-server if installed

Unser settings

  1. LIVEUSER "wwadmin"
  2. LIVECDLABEL "WeBWorK Live DVD Demo"
  3. CUSTOMISO "WW2.4_Ubuntu9.10_Vanilla_LiveDVD.iso"

Now create the iso file

The iso file and md5 sum is in /home/PinguyBuilder/PinguyBuilder to burn: right click on file and select write to disk

  1. set password for MySQL (wwadmin)
  2. add practice users and jsmith/jsmith to myTestCourse
  3. add the standard sets to myTestCourse
  4. implement all options A-E except C (run WW through SSL)


  1. sudo find / -name *~ -print

Remove openssh-server (this has to be installed locally)