Create WeBWorK Virtual Machine (.OVA) File

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Instructions for creating a WeBWorK Virtual Machine (.OVA) Image

Note that the resulting .ova image can be used to create a virtual machine

Build the server on VMWare Workstation (Player or Pro)

  1. 4 GBk disk
  2. 1 GB memory
  3. 1 cpu

The above resources are very minimal and correspond to a AWS t2-micro level machine which is free.

  1. Download the ubuntu live CD (server version)
  1. Install following the standard directions with the following options
  1. Don't partition disks separately
  2. User name: wwadmin
  3. login: wwadmin
  4. password: wwadmin
  5. Computer name: wwserver

Do not reboot the system - first remove VMWare guest additions More details on this.

Then boot. After system boots check that openssh-server is installed run

sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN

to check if it is listening on port 22 If not install openssh-server

sudo apt install openssh-server

Now on the host set up port forwarding. Find the ip address of your guest The Guest IP is the IP address your guest WeBWorK server is using. You can find it (after you login) by entering the command

$ ip address show

and looking at the output, something like "inet ..." (not the LOOPBACK inet address). Here the ip address is

  1. set password for webworkWrite (wwadmin)
  2. add practice users and jsmith/jsmith to myTestCourse
  3. add the standard sets to myTestCourse
  4. implement all options A-E except C (run WW through SSL)

Remove openssh-server

sudo apt remove openssh-sftp-server