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=='''Note: This page is out of date but links still point to it. For current information see http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Category:Installation_Manuals and http://webwork.maa.org/wiki/Category:Release_Notes '''==
First things first: read the [[Installation Manual for 2.4]].
It's also useful to glance at the specific instructions for the Ubuntu
distro since it is the most up-to-date. There is more to installing WeBWorK than just downloading the code. But if you just can't wait, or want to get a look at the code, read on....
There are three ways to download WeBWorK:
* A compressed [[wp:Tar_(file_format)|tarball]] of the WeBWorK and PG code can be downloaded from SourceForge.
* [[Installing_from_WW2.4.9_Ubuntu10.04.2LTS_Vanilla_LiveDVD]] gives instructions for obtaining a DVD from which you can run WeBWorK temporarily without installing on your computer, and then later installing it.
* The code can also be checked out of [[Github]]. We '''recommend that you install WeBWorK from Github''', since you can get more up-to-date code that may contain bug fixes that haven't been released yet. It also makes updates easier. Code downloaded using the tarball or liveDVD can later be updated using Subversion; the code comes with a link to the current stable version of the code.
== More documents ==
* [[:Category:WeBWorK_on_Live_Media]]
* [[:Category:Installation_Manuals]]
* [[:Category:Release_Notes]]
== Download WeBWorK and PG using SVN ==
{{Deprecated|2.6. For up-to-date information view [[Github]]}}
<s>You most likely want the bugfixes branch for the current version. To grab that from SVN, type the following:
{{SVN checkout|repo=system|dir=webwork2}}
{{SVN checkout|repo=system|dir=pg}}</s>
See the [[Installation Manual for 2.4]] for information on how to complete your installation after obtaining the code.
<div style="color:green"> In June 2010 the WeBWorK [[History of WeBWorK version control|switched from the CVS version control sytem to SVN]]. In June 2012 WeBWorK switched to using [[Github]].
* If you checked out a previous version of WeBWorK from SVN, we recommend that you [[Github|convert your SVN checkout to Github]].</div>
== Download WeBWorK and PG from SourceForge ==
To download a compressed [[wp:Tar_(file_format)|tarball]] go to
== Release notes and current version ==
{{Historical }}
See [[:Category:Release_Notes]]
The current version of WeBWorK is 2.4.9.
The current version of the PG Language is 2.4.9.
The latest stable branch, which includes bug fixes and features since the release 2.4.9 is "trunk".
* [[Release notes for WeBWorK 2.5.0]] and PG 2.5.0 (trunk -- stable and currently being readied for release as 2.5.0)
* [[Release notes for WeBWorK 2.4.9]] and PG 2.4.9
* [[Release notes for WeBWorK 2.4.5]] and PG 2.4.5
* [[Release notes for WeBWorK 2.4.1]]
* [[Release notes for PG 2.4.0]]
* [[:Category:Release Notes]]
(The release tag rel-2-4-dev has been discontinued while rel-2-4-patches has been frozen and will not be updated.)
== See also ==
*[[History of WeBWorK version control]]
*[[Converting a CVS checkout to SVN]]
*[http://webwork.maa.org/viewvc Web view of WeBWorK repositories]

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