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This page is for listing faq items that should be developed into answers. For example threads you spot on the forum, but you don't have time to synthesize a complete answer on the spot. Remove the items as official FAQ's are created.

  • I just noticed when I looked at an email I received from a student through webwork that it is being sent to Gage, Aubrey, Pizer, and a few others. I don't want to clog up your email with these messages, so how do I change it so you aren't on the receiving end too?
  • A value (frequently a permissionLevel) is not defined. (-- have you updated global.conf from global.conf.dist???----)
  • I am getting a warning message that a value isn't defined -- but I checked and it's defined in global.conf!! (Alternatively the value isn't the same as the value in global.conf) -- Explain operation of course.conf and simple.conf -- explain how one can test for the values of variables in a PG problem. --explain PGinfo.pl and listVariables?? or is that overkill?)
  • Why are the letters in WeBWorK capitalized in this strange way?